About Us

Usha Muffins is a Home bakery based at Hyderabad, India. Our aim is to make 100% organic homemade Muffins & Cakes made out of fresh Cream. In today’s world Muffins & Cakes are baked with ingredients like high colors, Oils and vanaspathi which was completly adulterated  and thus thought why not deliver the homemade muffins to the general public which suits everyone’s palette. Thus started Usha’s Muffins & More started in the later part of year 2014. 

Our core business is to sell Muffins, Cakes & Desserts made with natural products and not using any artificial colors and flavors. The muffins that we make are completely made out of 100% cream based butter. We make muffins only on Made to order basis so that we always want to deliver freshly made muffins

We bake Plain Muffins, Chocolate Muffins, Banana Muffins and Strawberry Muffins to name a few flavors. We also bake unique cakes like Wheat Jaggery Cake, Banana Cake, Carrot Cake &  Fruit & Nut Cake & More.

 We are specialized in baking Calorie free cake and diabetic friendly cakes using Stevia.